Drama as wife storms mum-in-law's house to protest husband's obsession with her food

Fact that food has a special place in the hearts of many men has led to the notion that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.

Thus, petty as it may sound, women who don’t take this maxim seriously have lost their men to rivals with better culinary skills.

This sad reality painfully downed on a newly married woman, believed to have horrible cooking skills, at a village in Mulot, Bomet County when her husband of six months shunned her food and opted to be eating at his mother’s house.

Tables were, however, turned on the man, identified as James Bett, when his wife, Florence Bett, discovered he had been sneaking to his mother’s house for meals and only ate hers (wife’s) as ‘top up’ in the spirit of family and as a show of solidarity.

The woman expressed her fury rather robustly by storming her mother-in-law’s house to read his husband the riot act, demanding to know why he prefers his mother’s food to hers.

The woman caused a hell of a circus that scandalised herself and her in-laws, forcing other relatives in the home to intervene and calm her down.

“What kind of a man are you? You insist on eating at your mother’s house, yet you have a wife who cooks for you! You are such a mama’s boy! If you don’t like my food, just say it,” the woman was quoted by a neigbour as having spat in a lengthy vernacular tirade that brought business in the home to a standstill.

“Bett had become very notorious for skipping his wife’s meals, especially dinner. In some instances he only ‘tasted’ and abandoned it, claiming he didn’t have appetite,” says Philip Sigei, a neigbour to the home.

According to Sigei, Bett, seems not to like his wife’s cooking at all. And tired of suffering in silence, he began passing by his mother’s house, which is a stone throw a way, for meals after work.

horrible cooking skills

“He is a last-born and fond of his mother’s cooking and always hangs around to be fed, something his wife hates and couldn’t take anymore. She even threatened to leave him, so that he can go back to live with his mother and enjoy her meals” said Sigei.

As expected, the supposed mama’s boy got support from his mother who defended him, urging his 28-year-old wife not to ‘catch feelings’ because his 31-year-old son had a right to eat in her house.

Bett is now faced with the task of soothing his disgruntled and sulky wife, before their marriage crumbles.

“The fate of the marriage is not clearly known, seeing as the woman has remained sulky and is nolonger in good terms with his mother-in-law. She feels the aging woman doesn’t approve of her cooking skills. That she even suggested Bett’s wife starts going to her house for tutorials did not make matters any better,” said Sigei.