Why Raila, Mudavadi, Kalonzo are power-hungry political gangsters with nothing new to offer Kenyans

I have consistently maintained

— of course, to the chagrin of Cord’s sycophants and deluded contentment of Jubilee zealots

— that there is no difference between Cord and Jubilee. Early this year the two main “wala nyama” in Jubilee folded their tribal garbage called TNA and URP and formed a bigger tribal garbage-heap called Jubilee Party. Outsmarted and outwitted, the “wameza mate” in the opposition, as expected, dismissed the move.

But being bankrupt of ideas, the “wameza mate” have now proposed an equally tribal and empty contraption of their own, National Super Alliance (Nasa). Like Jubilee, they are lying that it is new, national and aims at uniting all Kenyans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing ‘super’ about the alliance. It has taken the empty, tribal and jingoistic character of the Jubilee merger.

I have told you before, the best way to know that the Kenyan political class are incorrigible degenerates, mired in the politics of ethnicity, impunity and mediocrity, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi, is to just listen to them describe each other. You will notice that the descriptions are so identical that they are ideally describing the same thing. Put differently, Cord and Jubilee are like two cheeks of the same bum!

It is the same people, doing the same things they have done in the past, for no reason apart from the old desire to grab power by any means necessary. In its present formation, Nasa is nothing but a homecoming for Musalia Mudavadi back into the ODM fold.

It is the perfect prodigal son story. Mudavadi is a Nyayo orphan who has found it most difficult to redefine himself politically, post vibrant Kanu era. Without Nyayo’s patronage and protection, Mudavadi has been in the political wilderness trying to find out who he is.

To his credit, however, he had decided to take the search for himself a notch higher and in the run-up to the 2013 presidential elections, he had asked Raila, his adopted political baba, to give him back his tribal shares (votes) in ODM for him to try his hand in the presidency. However, without Nyayo, his political father, and without Raila, his adopted political baba, he failed, miserably. His attempt was not even a bleep in the Kenyan political radar.

And now he needs to be back in the hands of Raila. If his offer of Nasa was rejected by his adopted political baba, it would be a still birth. To his elation, his adopted political baba seems keen to accept the Nasa contraption. Not because he likes Mudavadi, but because he himself had run out of ideas about the floundering Cord coalition that was going nowhere, anyway.

But there is a problem. In his absence, Raila had adopted other rejected and dejected Nyayo orphans in his never-ending desperate “life and death” search for a tribal formula that will hopefully propel him to statehouse.

You will remember that the biggest problem for the prodigal son in the bible was the brother who never left. And like the real prodigal son, Mudavadi has to contend with Raila’s new adoptees. They are asking uncomfortable questions: Where did you go? Where have you been? What do you want? What have you brought? What is your tribal following worth? Why do you want to reap where you did not sow? Why is Raila welcoming you back and we have been here, the faithful ones, tagging on his pants since 2013, hoping to be endorsed as ‘tosha’?

And so starts and ends the story of Nasa. Calling it a national outfit is to stretch the imagination. That the alliance is formed by men who not only lack new ideas, but men who have absolutely no regard for each other spells doom. Dead on arrival. A while back, Mudavadi slammed cord and Jubilee, describing them as “political gangsters”. Here he is now desperate to join them to salvage his dying political career!

Does it not bother him that he has been in politics since his twenties and rose to become VP and Kenyans still ask him, “What do you stand for?” How can people ask you “What do you stand for” after almost four decades in politics? US president-elect Donald Trump has been in politics for less than 2 years and the whole world knows what he stands for.

Sadly, the same question can be asked of his co-conspirators usually called co-principals in the proposed contraption called Nasa. The other so called principals in the proposed “super” alliance are known to have enough contempt for each other. Raila has called Kalonzo Musyoka “watermelon” and “Judas Iscariot”. Kalonzo found Raila an irritant during the nusu-mkate blood-soaked coalition government and called him deceitful, insincere and hypocritical.

Like I have told you, if you want to know who you are dealing with, just listen to these guys describe each other. These are political gangsters! Good thing is they deserve each other.

But the biggest thuggery of them all is the ridiculous proposal that we need to change the Constitution to create executive positions of PM, 2 DPMs, 2 VPs in order to accommodate all the political gangsters that are touting for the nebulous Nasa coalition. Again, this is a typical Jubilee move and a typical contempt for Constitutionalism by the political gangsters.

Remember that in order to merge their tribal contraptions, Jubilee changed the law. Not to be outdone, the opposition proposes to change the actual Constitution of Kenya to accommodate tribal kingpins and their huge political egos in Nasa.

Sadly, this has been the story of the political gangsters since independence. No sooner had we gotten a new Constitution in 1963, than they started mutilating it to accommodate their political gangsterism. They mutilated it so much that we needed to replace the document in its entirety. We now have a new constitution and the gangsters are at it again, mutilating the Constitution to legitimize their gangsterism.

Cord and Mudavadi have been shouting that Jubilee does not respect the Constitution and are mutilating it. For them to rise to power, they are promising to mutilate the Constitution to ensure all political gangsters get a place in another tribal and most likely thieving government.

In a nutshell, arround here, the political fortunes of the political gangsters reign supreme. And if the Constitution stands in the way, heck, change the darn thing! Theirs is a fellowship of jilted political gangsters plotting to get power through the same means that Jubilee used, siasa ya ukabila, ukora na upuzi.