Avril's advice on how to have an amazing year

Avril          Photo:Courtesy

If you have sat and thought back into the past year and wondered what good happened and are finding it hard to come up with anything, then Avril has a solution.

To ensure that history does not repeat itself, the singer who featured Kenrazy’s recently released song, Zile Vitu, advises that as the year kicks off, start with an empty jar.

“At the end of each week, add a note with a good thing that happened. On New Year’s Eve empty the jar and read about the amazing year you had,” she captioned in a picture.

While she herself plans to adopt this plan this year, she took a slightly different route last year, opting to go through her photo gallery reminiscing on the good moments that every picture represented.

She then had this to say to her followers on social media of her ‘Highlights 2016’ as she shared some photos on the same; “My cup overflows .. going through every picture in my gallery has made me so grateful for the love 2016 had to offer and hope for the year about to begin. Thank you for making my 2016 incredible.”