Thieves break into Carlos Tevez's home as he was marrying his childhood sweetheart

Carlos Tevez and his bride at their wedding [Photo: Courtesy]

Thieves burgled the home of footballer Carlos Tevez while he was getting married.

The Argentine, currently playing for Boca Juniors, was in neighbouring Uruguay marrying his childhood sweatheart Vanesa Mansilla.

Burglars entered Tevez’s house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires on Sunday.

Police said Tevez, 32, did not report the burglary and therefore little is known about what was taken.

Tevez and his bride have since left for Mexico on their honeymoon.

Police said they had only found out about the burglary on Tuesday when they saw reporters gathered at the house outside of Buenos Aires.

They said an unknown number of burglars had entered the house, which Tevez and his family had rented while the were having their property next door renovated.