Musician Sleek MC speaks out on his forthcoming video for ‘Karekare’

SDE: What is the inspiration behind your music?

Any good feeling I get inspires me to do a great song. I also love music that I can dance to.

SDE: Who writes your songs?

I did. There is a huge difference between lyrics drafted by a songwriter who is a Journalist and those of just a random musician who decides to sing out because he feels it’s what he needs to do.

SDE: In the song Karekare, you sound bitter with the entertainment industry

Oh! C’mon, Karekare is not an angry song, but one with a motive. A motive to hype the people.

It takes a lot of hard work and team to make a product, a good song on that account.

Any artiste needs to have fair access to all opportunities offered by the government and other institutions. I am a Journalist and my mandate is to be the voice of the voiceless.

I am an advocate for fairness and that’s why I am here to protect the rights of young musicians.

SDE:  Karekare, it reminds one of P-Unit’s track Kare. Does this mean you would you consider doing a collabo with any of the now defunct group’s members?

Well, if the season allows, I wouldn’t mind.

I tend to think that the more projects you work on, the more experience you gain as an artiste.

Every new artiste you work with gives you a chance to learn something new and grow your career.