What Zari Hassan did to get her sexy back a week after giving birth to baby boy

Zari Hassan                                             Photo:Courtesy

Born Dec 6, 2016, Prince Nillan is second son to Bongo artiste Diamond Platnumz and Zarinah Hassan. Nillan’s Instagram account has garnered almost 43000 followers, barely two weeks after his birth.

It is however how Zari’s body has bounced back, having lost considerable baby fat, that is more impressive. Her secret has nothing to do with breastfeeding or tying waist bands around her stomach immediately after birth or detox tea as our socialites Huddah and Vera would like us to believe.

She got her sexy back through some intense workout both during pregnancy and after. In just 7 days, she has revealed in an Instagram her post-baby body and her achievement; “I did exercise during pregnancy which has helped my body get bk within 7days....” This was with the help of her personal trainer Tumi Seeco.

For her stretchmarks, olive oil did the trick. “…and for those stretch marks keep using olive oil during and after pregnancy.”

......and a week later                  Photo:Courtesy

She estimates that in another 10 days or so, she will have the body she wants. She further admits that only working out has done the trick and has not been on diet because she loves food.

 Although she has been feeding heavily on fruits. “Another 10 days to go and am going in hard with @tumi_seeco????. Will start with simple work outs and raise the pace along the way. Unfortunately am not a diet person, I love food????”