Is sultry singer Avril pregnant?

She posted a photo holding her 'bump'

There has been much speculation that the curvy singer is heavily pregnant after she posted a very telling photo in her social media accounts.

As gossip sites tore away at the photo it almost became a fact that Avril was expectant. But as it turns out, the actress was playing a prank on her fans possibly using a photo from one of the series she was acting in.

‘’That awesome moment when you start showing.’’ She posted alongside the photo that had many believing she was actually pregnant.

However, after the news spread like wild fire she set the record straight and even performed at several events over the weekend with no visible tummy.

‘’Okay okay okay....enough with the 'you're glowing messages'. Going through my comments, articles and my messages like ?????????? ....... what a fun afternoon..’’ She posted after.

The gorgeous lass will be performing at the upcoming Abryanz fashion and style awards that will be taking place on the 9th of December at Kampala Serena hotel.