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Rapper Noti Flow hits back after Femi One's diss track

By Esther Muchene | Wednesday, Nov 30th 2016 at 09:52
Noti Flow

It’s been a long time coming and finally it is here! Rapper Noti Flow just dropped her diss track  to be  targeting rapper Femi One.

Time will tell whether the statement you should never throw stones if you live in a glass house will come to haunt the Kaka Empire rapper after she released ‘Pilau Njeri’ which was mainly targeted at femcee Njeri, who also dropped ‘Femiplan.’

The ‘Pilau Njeri’ track which has been applauded for its punchy lines dissed female rappers including Noti Flow, Kush Tracey and Sosuun.

In retaliation Noti Flow has released a video titled ‘Forehead’ aimed at Femi One. The raunchy rapper does not mince her words and even goes further to call out King Kaka.

This is war!

‘’Naskia Mangwea wamenitaja 
Nlikuwa far ka manyoya nikinata 
Na go hard si need intro from Papa 
cashy, the only cash I know is paper 
hv to grind, in de streets mi ni blanda 
Nachapa marhymes 
The Queen is back 
Ma body fly 
5 star vibe 
Mwitu si mine
Femi Plan, say ma name 
Noti Flow
ashajua mi kauzi 
Nampiga njoti juu kwa Flow ameninoki 
MI ni
mnoti, na napenda hizi Noti 
Ati Ligi soo,
sasa hizo ndio nini? Nkt
#forehead out now!’’ Noti flow posted the first verse of the diss track on her social media.
Noti flow posted the first verse of the diss track on her social media.

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