#MCM: Multitalented musician Sleek MC speaks about turning down offer to sell off his new song ‘Karekare’

Sleek Mc Aka Mister Money Boy Photo: IG/sleek_mc

Meet the multitalented performing musician, television creative producer and director Sleek MC.

He opens up that a popular musician tried to bribe his producer to buy off his new hit song Karekare

SDE: Is this just another publicity stand?

Not at all. The music industry has become so corrupt. It actually all started with one senior producer in the industry who visited our Sonic Sound Entertainment studio at South C during my recording session. The producer first offered to do the recording of the new hit jam at his own studios, but I declined as I got loyalty to pay to Keygun, who’s my producer and director at Sonic Sounds Entertainment. 

The next move was the producer introducing one of his recording musicians to Keygun, where he requested for collaboration but this was meant to be a single track, then a remix thereon. Fast forward, the celebrity artiste made a move to buy off my copyrights… not bearing fruit, he proceeded to try and strike a deal with my producer to ditch me, but that did not work at all.

The Sleek Company Limited and Sonic Sounds Entertainment is a combination of teamwork. We believe in making things happen, we do not fall for short cuts. What is money anyway, compared to doing awesome music that kills stress amongst our fans, music that gets couples to dance and reunite…music is beyond money.

SDE: Sources close to you say that your manager got the bribe and took off with it. What is your response to that?

I am of the opinion that every exciting project will always have a lot of hate behind it… am sure my manager is an integral personality, a donor in one of the leading charity firms. I do not see how such a guy would settle for petty cash.

But you never know, perhaps someone was simply sharing their donations to his charity work, we actually have a children’s home project tagged, TICK A SMILE that is building up after Karekare.

SDE: Speaking of your new project Karekare, do you think that is what music fans in Kenyans want at the moment?  

Karekare is a song that came while I was walking out of the office and I was chanting to my colleagues as we walked through the car park. I remember calling my manager and chanting it to him over the phone, and he was like “This time we got it right!”

I mean, this song is just irresistible; it is very catchy, you can feel extreme talent from the comic lyrics to the indirect diss and still dance along with some intelligent vibe.

All I can say is that it works! The video requests are already too high, and it is happening next week.

SDE: What is the motivation behind your music? Is it all about the money? 

Sleek MC is all about the good vibe, sweet lyrics, extremely creative content, name it. One thing I have learned from the wisdom of my dad and mum is that, excellence attracts success, and success attracts money. I mean, after doing a good job, it all results in an awesome reward.

Money is a central point for all business anyway. Studio time, the production cost is not cheap. I am actually thankful for the partnership with Sonic Sounds Entertainment, producer Keygun having given me the chance to explore my career with lots of support.

It is a milestone for an artiste to be identified and signed into a production house you know. Did I not also mention that, success attracts money and money attracts good girls?

Now you heard it from Mister Money Boy himself, Mister Sleek.

Photo: IG/sleek_mc

SDE:  Do you have a set date for your video release?

Well, all I can share right now is that the video shoot will be taking place this coming Saturday, and the plan is to have this as the song of the year.

SDE:  In your lyrics, verse three is a line that is purportedly directed at Femmy One. Can you confirm this?

Hahaha! All I can say is that this song is too huge to just throw names in it…. But you do not have to drop your skirt for you to climb high.

Maboyz watakucheki  Karekare . You know what I mean?

SDE: Finally, is this your first release since 2014 when you lost your producer?

Not really, I have been working with other producers over the time as well, Majik Mike, Dr Eddy, Chef George, amongst many other producers.

Allow me to mention that when it comes to production, it takes time before you can finally get a producer whom you connect with as both a friend and a business partner. All these guys are dope, but Producer Keygun, at Sonic Sounds Entertainment, I must say this, he found me when I was beginning to feel lost in the industry.

Where you pay for studio time and your work is never recorded, you got amazing ideas but your effort always goes unrecognized, production cost again is expensive you know.

After every two months, a musician must always have a new project. Music is all about creating new content, every day.

Thanks to Keygun my producer, Gabriel Odunga my manager and Manwazimu my creative critic for making Karekare the hit it is today.

Sleek MC, Karekare https://goo.gl/6E7wub