#WCW: Rapper Njeri talks about her love life, addresses beef with Femi One

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SDE: Tell us about your hurried dis track Kumerera. Is it directed at fellow rapper Femi One? 

Let’s just say that she rubbed me the wrong way. I recall being at work when suddenly a message came into my phone and going through it wondered why one had to take time in order to do a whole dis track directed at me. For me she had simply crossed the line and hence the need to put her back in her rightful place where she belongs.

SDE: Apparently Njeri claims the track was directed at all local female rappers who she felt had taken a low musical stand and had to do something in order to bring them back to life…

On the contrary she is the one who has been quite, unlike me. I have released five tracks over the past one year she on the other hand has only done one. So then, who’s sleeping now…..

SDE: Is that why you took it personal?

Well, although initially I had no intentions of responding back but the manner in which she called my name was disrespectful hence I had no option but to put her in her place. Besides my fans were calling out to me to respond and I had no choice but adhere to their heeds because at the end of it all they make me who I am. 

SDE: Could this be emanating from the fact that you wanted to do a collabo with her but she declined, hence triggering your emotions?

Truth is, I have never spoken to Njeri in order for me to catch feelings. Besides, she has a choice to agree to a collabo or not and it is no big deal considering it is a normal thing in the music industry.  Despite this, there is no denying that my management – approached her board on the same which I later learnt did not bear fruits. 

In my opinion if there were issues to be settled it should have been wise to do so at the management level hence the dis track was uncalled for. Besides she is not the only rapper I have spoken to about doing a collabo and regardless of her response I normally don’t harbor hard feelings considering I have been privileged to work with the likes of STL.

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SDE: Can you clarify if there a line in your song which addresses local rapper Rabbit and his Kaka Empire?

My answer is simple: If the shoe fits, lace it up and wear it. If you feel that it was meant for you then it is probably meant for you.

SDE: What does Kumerera stand for?

It is a Kikuyu word which simply refers to as getting down (chini kwa chini). I intend to officially release it in two weeks’ time.

SDE: Do you agree that the local hip hop is more male dominated with the likes of Khaligraph, Octoppizo and Kaka Sungura just to name a few? What could be the reason behind this?

There is no denying that it is male dominated owing to the fact that as female rappers people tend to overlook and criticize some of the things we do unlike our male counterparts. It is more of a social issue.

 SDE: Of all genres of music why hip hop? 

I grew up listening to it and hence lots of influence. My first track Nduta was amazing and had an overwhelming response. It was then that I decided to give it a shot and I am glad. So far so good.

SDE: Who are your role models?

There are quite a number – the likes of Nazizi STL, Nicky, Eva Alordiah and Rita Ora just to name a few

SDE: What is your take on the hype in the local music industry?

The hype in the music industry can be very deceiving.  The blings, flashy lifestyle and hype are so unreal in most cases does not pay your bills.

SDE: Aside from music?

I have a daytime job as the head of products in a company besides working as a photographer. I strongly believe that my day job keeps me sober and grounded.

SDE: In other words?

Although I initially tried venturing into music as full time career things were just not adding up with no money to show for it.

That is when I released that education is important and I needed something to fall back on.

Although there is no denying that some of the musicians are able to make money out of their career but but it takes more time including the structures more so during the growth process.

SDE: We have heard complaints of most female musicians being taken advantage of…

Nobody will take advantage of you without your consent. Besides it is important for them to follow the process as opposed to rushing into becoming a star.

SDE: Are you single? 

No. I have been in a long term relationship for a while. I am glad I found my true love way back as opposed to these days when it’s really hard to find true love.