The evolution of singer Kambua


Fashion-wise, Kambua Manundu has evolved. But some things have refused to change with the times. Which is great. Like that broad sun-shining smile of hers. And that worship style of gospel music, which draws worshippers closer to God’s throne.

Kambua Manundu has evolved from girlie-n-safe to grown-n-sexy. From girl-next-door to diva-on-the-go. She has ditched plasticky weaves, like the one she had for Pulse’s ‘My Style’ on Friday November 7, 2008. And what happened to the purple dress top with diamond-shaped detailing, the flare loose-fitting trousers and purple stilettos she wore for the shoot? She either handed them down, or bartered them with mari-kwa-mari.

In the article, Kambua described her style as creative, colourful – (Yellow? Kambua’s a Kao, what did y’all expect?) – and fresh.

Well, unless she was speaking prophetically, you couldn’t tell those three aspects from her outfit. Because, now is when her style seems to be all three. It’s an evolution. And we like it, sister.

Back then, Kambua always wore a flower on her hair. Was this soft-spoken sister taking flower power to holy heights?
(FYI: Flower power was the idea advocated by young guns in the Sixties and Seventies that universal peace and love should replace the materialism and militarism of Western society. Its adherents wore or carried flowers as a symbol of peace and love.)
“I like to wear flowers according to my mood,” Kambua explained. “When I am very happy, I’ll don a brightly coloured flower. But when I’m down, I put on a black or white, anything with less colour.”

We get it. The flowers weren’t symbols of God’s peace that surpasses human understanding, or the love of Christ. They were just fashion statements.

Before you pluck a flower from the nearest bougainvillea fence and stick it in your hair, and take selfies, here is a warning from Kambua: “Dress to complement your body, don’t force on a trend that you saw on someone else.”

“Ladies should stay away from clothes that don’t fit,” Kambua dispensed more fashion advice. “Most chics tend to wear clothing that’s either too tight or too big for their sizes. It’s just wrong.”

I have never met Kambua’s man. Still, with the benefit of several clues, I can guess certain “qualities” about him. He’s a man of God. He wears a subtle scent, which reflects class. He doesn’t wear sagging jeans. Or oversized shirts and tees. And he doesn’t wear too many accessories.

Well, about being a man-of-God; that’s an enlightened guess. It’s taken from the verse that warns believers about not being unequally yoked with unbelievers. The other “qualities” I have gleaned from Kambua’s interview, where he described a man’s style.

During the interview, Kambua disclosed that the most expensive item in her closet was an 8,000 bob winter jacket that she bought in Toronto.

I can bet my bottom bob that the jacket has been trumped – in face and sentimental value – by the ring that that lucky brother-in-Christ put on “it”. Kambua; am I right, or am I dead right?