After losing her pregnancy and cancelling planned wedding Singer Akothee opens up

Akothee after winning an award abest East African female artiste 

Since she lost her pregnancy in August and cancelled a wedding that had been slated for tomorrow, controversial songstress Akothee has not opened up about these unfortunate incidences but now for the first time, as she reveals that she is taking a music break, PULSE gets her to open up about her love affair even as she celebrates one of the biggest music achievements, after winning two continental awards last weekend

Pulse: Congratulations on winning the two awards. You bagged the most coveted award of best East African female artiste in the USA-based ceremony AEAUSA (African Entertainment Awards USA) as well as African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA). Did you expect to win?

Akothee: I am always positive in everything I do and always on the winning team. If I did not win this, having nominations alone is recognition that my work is being appreciated.

P: You had a grand welcome-back party. Tell us about the customised Limo you rode in from the airport that is said to have cost you quite some good money, Sh300,000 to be precise...
A: It’s a personal limo that I rent for most special occasions in my life especially when it comes to music. It comes with everything custom-made to my taste including customised plates and my favourite champagnes, Moët and Chandon.

P: Your fans also got to ride in style in the same matatu that Trey Songz rode in. Tell us about that...
A: I have so much love for my fans and wanted them to have fun. The phantom Rongai matatu we got was one of its kind and my fans had to ride in it after I heard it got the award for best matatu in the Rongai Matatu awards. You know I am also award winning singer, so everything I ride with must be award winning.

P: You are considered a role model based on how you lead your life, young single mothers see you as a strong woman who gives them hope in life. How do you juggle between family and work?
A: It’s not easy to handle a family as a single mother but no one has plans for you. Everyone has plans for themselves. You can blame everybody till you have yourself to blame hence I use the time to look for opportunities to put food on the table. Instead of jumping from one court to another in pursuit of custody or alimony.

P: We hear you are in love. Tell us a bit about this mystery man in your life?
A: Yes I am in love with a foreigner and our affair is confidential because he is one of the top-notch guys in the world but our relationship has not been smooth because he wanted me to choose him over music.

P: Is he the father of the child who you, unfortunately, lost?
A: Yes. He actually feels that music is too demanding hence the loss of the pregnancy. He is afraid I don’t have time for him too.

P: He blames all that on you or the music?
A: He still blames it on music for not becoming a father.

P: There was a wedding in the plan and as we recall, the D-day is this weekend. Why did you go slow on this?
A: Wedding plans were ready and the wedding was to be held this Saturday in South Africa, Camps Bay. However, I had to cancel the wedding for the love of music.

P: What does this mean...Where does it leave the wedding plans?
A: You will hear from me very soon on this matter. For now, let’s just focus...

P: Sorry about the loss of your child. How are you handling such a public loss that is followed closely by fans?
A: I lost my second born when I was 16 years old. I never had a fan or a name but death still crept in and stole my beloved son. Death is inevitable and I’m still in pain and don’t like discussing anything related to death. It hurts.

P: How did your children handle the news of the loss?
A: My two young boys can’t understand that. They won’t have a new sibling since they are still young but the girls are getting better.
P: Do any of them want to follow in your footsteps especially knowing that they participate a lot in your music projects?

A: My children are very good dancers and vocalists. They feature in my music videos. I only give them parental guidelines and don’t decide for them what to do.

P: What music projects should we expect from you this year?

A: My year is done. I have done a lot and achieved a lot. I don’t feel like releasing a new song soon as I want a break for now. I have a lot of catching up to do with my family and want to spend this festive season with them. I have big things for the new January. Kenyans should watch this space.