#MCM: Nyashinski- A new revelation of music




SDE: Your latest song Mungu Pekee is doing well what is the secret?

Let’s just say that music has been a great part of me ever since I was a child. I am glad that it has been well received. My fans should prepare themselves for more surprises in the near future.

SDE: What prompted you to do a gospel song?

One doesn’t need to be saved in order to sing for God. Besides contrary to the misguided notion my song is a normal deep song based on real life experiences. Mungu Pekee embarks on the fear and love of God and real characters of the real unpredictable characters of human beings.

SDE: You collaborated with Trey songs how was it like?

Awesome. He is a simple down to earth talented artist. 

SDE: Are you planning on doing something with him in the near future ?

Let’s just say that I plan on doing a number of projects that will be of surprise to most of my fans. My collabos are something I cannot say at this point since they are spontenous.

SDE: Your song Now You Know continues to be the talk of town- let us in on the video?

Its video was shot on the border of Navada and Arizona. It was a tough shooting from day as I had to climb the cliff all by myself. Despite all I am glad that the scenario is what can be simply described as breathtaking.

SDE: What made you come back to Kenya?

Like they say home is best and I am having the best time of my life. These are my people and I relate well with them. To prove my intent my new songs have been well received among local fans a sign that I still hold a special place in their heart.

SDE: Is it true you were deported and hence your decision to stay back in Kenya indefinitely?

Whoever told you that! Anyway by now you are aware that people will always find something about you good or bad.

SDE: Now that you are back should we expect a Klepto reunion?

Well, we are working on

SDE: Having stayed too long in the US do you suffer any culture shock back in Kenya?

I am pretty much in touch with what is going on except for the time factor which I realize that our people back home are not keen keeping time. For instance when I tell a friend to meet me at 3 pm he would end up showing up three hours later- something that people in America are keen on.

What are your future plans as far as music goes?

SDE: I am working on a number of projects with some involving taking risks.. something that some people may not be comfortable with.  Above all I want to inspire upcoming young rappers through my music.

SDE:  Last word?

Ambition is priceless hence the need for us to take a challenge