Kibaki’s grandson and popular vlogger publicize breakup

Sean Andrews and Elodie

There’s no deeper love than young love. And these two youngins’ - Sean and Elodie prove it to be true. Their on and off relationship could finally have come to an end as they separately took to their social media where they poured out there hearts confirming their tumultuous relationship had come to an end.

Neither has revealed exactly what brought it to an end, however Elodie revealed that the relationship became unhealthy and toxic.

Whatever it is, girls have already lined up to offer the good looking model and photographer who goes by the name Sean Andrews a shoulder to cry on. Elodie on the other hand who has a popular YouTube channel has decided to focus her energy on things that matter as of now.

’Yesterday my greatest fear was to lose you, today I face this fear and I say I'll be just fine without your hurt and toxicity. Go enjoy all your drugs and friends. I'll be just fine.’’ Sean posted a few weeks earlier leading to all manner of speculations and rumors that led to the vlogger responding.

‘’I have officially decided to walk away from my relationship with Sean. Posting this is extremely hard for me and so I pray that you guys continue to support me regardless. 
I've reached a point in my life where I want to build my own empire and grow as an individual. Though Sean played a very big role in my life, people don't stay the same forever and the relationship became unhealthy. I simply want to go in a very different direction in life than he does

I want you all to learn to accept change in your life as I am and to still reach for your dreams no matter what. Avoid anything and anyone that is toxic and do you no matter what rumors are spread, and what hate comes your way. I personally am not ready for another relationship so I'll be doing my school and social media things..’’ part of her post read.

Unfolding like a drama series, he retaliated after her above post two days ago.

‘’It's cruel to be loved falsely and to find out that you never meant anything to the one you cared about. What's even worse is the fact that my outlet is in speech. It's a shame that you would wish to use other men to rub it in my face that your life is better without my care and loyalty, it's a shame because I believed you were raised better than that. Every chance of peace is corrupted by you and I just think it's a shame. #disgusted.’’ Sean Andrews wrote.