#MCM: Ben Christ Cycoz-Pursuing solo career after group break up

Ben Christ Cycoz  

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Just in case you were wondering why seemingly successful music groups end up broken after a few months, we are glad to reiterate that “Nothing lasts forever” ha! Better still, we caught up with Ben –formerly a member of Christ Cycoz- who left the group to start his solo musical career.

Seeing as Christ Cycoz had won numerous awards, performed at major concerts and had come to be referenced as the “One direction” Kenyan version, we settled on Ben so he could grant us a few answers as to why members of such a fast rising group would simply toss it away!

Tell us about yourself!

I am the King of England! *laughs*. So I am Ben Kariuki, formerly a member of the Christ Cycoz Trio, in my early twenties and currently propelling my solo musical career during which I already released “Lile”.

Christ Cycoz was one of the fastest rising gospel groups in Kenya! Do you ever miss your team?

“Yes! They have been my musical family since our high school days at Upperhill and together we conquered many odds to become a renowned music group. I miss our strength as a team, but the time came for us to part ways, so we gladly obliged.”

Did you guys ever wonder how your fans would react to the group’s break?

By the time we were breaking the group up, everyone had already identified their new passions. It was now about ‘us’ and what was best for us as a team. Even if our fans wanted us to remain close knit it would be a very difficult progression!

So were these new passions the kind that you cannot multi task?

I guess so! Yes! One of the team members had already started doing so well in the fashion industry, the other one was becoming a pro in video production, and then I was here insisting on music which was my passion. Something had to give eventually.

Seeing as you are the only one still doing music, does it mean it was your core passion

*laughs*I know you are asking what my other passions are, and why I didn’t have a fall back plan like my team mates, but yes! Music was my first passion and it was quite evident even when we worked as a team! With everyone else leaving, I had to focus on my strength, music was it.

What would you advise upcoming groups in regards to future break ups?

First of all, they should know each other’s personalities and strength so they can stay ready for any future transitions.

Second, working as a team musically is totally different from working on solo careers so not every piece of advice they get from solo music artistes will apply to them.

Third, share out roles and responsibilities so that every member of the team is accountable, and some members don’t come across as the leaders while the rest are followers.

That said, go forth and make music, enjoy the flow, make the memories and have fun while it lasts.

So what are you plans for your solo musical career?

I am ready to put all the tips and tricks I learnt while in Christ Cycoz towards making this career a success. I also have networks that I had accrued over the years and I shall now engage them towards propelling my new single Lile which is up on YouTube!