#MCM: Vicmass Luodollar- I am not a younger version of Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji

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SDE: Tell us about your latest project

It is called Simbe Adek, a song  whose video was officially launched mid this month. The Afro-rap song is sung in Dholuo language and a tinge of English.

Despite the language barrier it is one song that is quickly gaining popularity – just like my previous release Bank Otuch Remix which still remains a force to reckon with locally and abroad.

SDE: Critics feel that you could be riding on Octopizzo’s  fame, does this mean that you cannot rap on your own?

(Laughs then pauses). Contrary to their belief, I clearly know and understand what good music entails. The fact that I work with Octopizzo does not necessarily mean that I am riding on his fame. If you must know the Bank Otuch remix of which I prominently featured would not be popular as it is today.

On top of this, the original Bank Otuch done by me alone was equally well received hence my decision to do a remix due to great public demand.

SDE: Let us in more on Bank Otuch which has sort of become a national anthem among locals and beyond?

It is true that the song is not only enjoying unmatched airwaves locally but abroad. It is just a matter of time before it achieves worldwide recognition. So popular it has become that Kenyans who are living in the diaspora are known to request for it every now and then. This is a good sign.

SDE: So when should we expect your album?

Well, perhaps in a few years time. I realize that the pattern of producing singles works best in Kenya. Besides, I am one person who strongly believes in taking time in order to come up with something of substance that will be appreciated by many.

SDE: Many feel that you are the younger version of Gidi Gidi Maji Maji in the making?

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion which is a good thing. Personally, I am just me, and I don’t think I am a version of them.

Not that I am better but what binds us is the fact that we both rap in vernacular language. As for my style and hype, I strongly believe that I am doing something different from what they did.

SDE: You are one artiste whose songs seem to be well received, what is your secret?

It’s such a great achievement for me. At first, I was doubtful if people would love it that much. You know Nairobi people rarely appreciate their own- especially when they feel that the music does not appeal to them.

SDE:  What makes you unique?

With the changing trends in music and the evolving industry, I strive not to let my fans down and that is why I give out my best in terms of music not to mention concerts. To achieve this I practice and rehearse wherever I am, in order to give my recording not to mention performance intensity before I step on the podium and the results are amazing.

SDE: What inspires your music?

Everyday happenings, when  I witness something interesting around me, I go for it but only after asking  myself if my fans will be comfortable listening to the new song I am drafting.

Most times I try to introduce messages of hope for the coming generation-  as a perfect example of a person who has crawled through hell ship pipes but managed to come out smelling like a rose flower. 

SDE: In what ways has your music changed from when you first started?

I strongly believe that I have improved in all ways.  Unlike in the beginning of my career when I just made music for the sake, today I have lots of experience  and confidence in my ability to write and record my lyrics. My music has become a part of my lifestyle.

SDE:  What are your future plans as far as music goes?

I want to encourage and inspire upcoming young rappers through my music by making them realize that nothing is impossible in achieving their goals in life as long as they are determined to do so.