#WCW: Christina Susho- Thank you Kenya for supporting my music

Christina Susho                   Photo:Courtesy

 An exclusive interview with East African and world renowned gospel artist Tanzanian worship songstress Christina Susho


SDE: In your own words how would you describe salvation?

Salvation is not about going to church – but catering for those in need of your help. It is important to remember that we make a living by what we earn and a life by what we give.

SDE: What are you working on at the moment?

I am busy doing a number of projects across Africa. Kenya  being one of the countries and sort of a second home owing to the fact that I am always here- not only for concerts but to preach the gospel as well upon invitation. 

SDE: Before you there was Rose Muhando, but then it appears than you have since become a favorite with Kenyans?

I thank God for his favour upon me. However, this does not mean that I am better than Rose Muhando. We are all in the ministry – doing what we are called to do. This aside Kenyans do not entertain music which has no content at al. They are looking for true servants of God to lead them into the right path… which is what we are doing.

SDE: In one of your earlier interviews you openly criticized local gospel music terming it dilute and that many are in it for fame and commercial purposes, something that did not go down well with local gospel musicians?

Well, I am sorry about that but despite that is what it appeared to be at some point. Today however, we have good local gospel music from the likes of Mercy Masika and Ringtone among others. The one thing gospel musicians should know is that there is no neutral path – you are either serving God or satan.

SDE: Speaking of Ringtone why did you choose to work with him in the song Tenda Wema, dubbed the best gospel collabo ever?

Ringtone is a veteran singer well known in Tanzania whom we followed his music . I believe that he is the kick for the younger generation of local gospel musicians.

SDE: How did you come up with the song? 

It was spontaneous – in other words we give credit to the Almighty, because for some reason He made it happen.

SDE: What is the secret behind your music?

The fact that I don’t do it for self-glorification I sing with the aim of praising and giving glory to God besides preaching the gospel as it is. I believe that my songs are deep inspiring and always speaks to most people’s hearts.

SDE: Tell us about your family background?

I was brought up in humble family God fearing background. At some point I worked as a cleaner in church besides making ends meet as a house help for a while. During the time I was part of the church choir in Tanzania. One thing led to another and like they say the rest is history.

SDE: After the release of your first album you were hardly known?

Very true. Until I released my second album Unikumbuke that elevated me into the limelight.   Since then I have never looked back.

SDE: Who writes your songs?

I do it myself with inspiration from the Word of God – The Holy Bible led by the Holy Ghost.

SDE: Apart from music?

I own a beauty parlor in Tanzania. One needs to be appealing regardless of the fact that we are born again Christians. Our body is the temple of God and needs good care always – so that those who look at us may yearn to be like us.

SDE: Between secular and gospel music in Tanzania which is most loved? 

Gospel music is big in Tanzania, compared to secular owing to the fact that it cuts across all generations.

SDE: Politicians have a habit of playing your songs during campaign periods- are you comfortable with it?

 I have no problem as long as the messages are relayed to thousands or millions of people out there. The only thing I cannot do is to perform during their campaigns. 

SDE: As a born again Christian have you ever found yourself tempted to do something wrong that ended up raising eyebrows?

No one under the sun can resist temptation. Salvation is a journey – which requires time to be well equipped developed. You cannot be perfect at once.  When you fall, go back to God and hang on to Him for He is faithful, slow to anger and abundance in love hence no sin is too big for Him to forgive.

SDE: Who is Christina Shusho off stage?

I am a  loving wife and a mother of three who is also a minister of God and a business woman. I am social by nature and love to enjoy life –the right way - keeping in mind that we are only here for a season.

SDE: Last word?

I am grateful for the immense support I have gotten from Kenya.  I love them although I have been a frequent visitor here I need to go to Kigali for a change. This aside I must say that local gospel is evolving with the likes of Daddy Owen, Mercy Masika, Reuben Kigame among others which is a good sign.