#WCW: How sword dance won me the crown-Miss India Kenya worldwide

Miss India Worldwide Kenya Finali Galaiya                     Photo:Courtesy

 Finali Galaiya 21, is the current holder of the recently conclude prestigious Miss India Worldwide Kenya

SDE: You are to represent Kenya in New York, come October for the International pageant of Miss India Worldwide 2016, what are your expectations?

I am honored to have gone this far. Knowing the kind of skills and qualities I posses I strongly believe that I will be able to represent Kenya fully and make them proud by proving the 40 contestants from various countries that Kenya has what it takes to carry home one the most cherished title world wide.

SDE: Having won the title locally how are you coping?

I am humbled. The feeling is overwhelming. I am a firm believer that with great power comes great responsibility. I think age is not an excuse nor is it an accomplishment.  For me this is the oldest I have ever been. My belief in God and hard work has made me realize that I have the moral obligation to act respectably.

SDE: You become the first young Kenyan Indian have won the Miss India Worldwide title at such a tender age what does this mean to you?

I am honored and humbled at the same time since it came as a huge surprise on my part. The fact that I was able to beat several other talented and beautiful contestants is a clear indication that I am headed in the right direction.

SDE: Did you expect to win?

I hoped to win. I knew I was giving my best and working hard towards the title, as so was the case with several other contestants. Each of us is a winner the very day we decided to take part in the competition

SDE: What went through your mind the moment you were named the winner?

FG: My skipped a bit, for a split second I froze, I was not sure if they really did call my name, but the grand applause and gazes at me was a complete assurance.

SDE: What made you stand out?

The fact that unlike other contestants I opted to surprise the judges including the crowd by doing a sword dance in the form of a lady warrior besides incorporating the elegant Marathi folk dance costume and  the celebrated Indian folk dance. My message was clear; that a woman has value and hence she should be celebrated not killed as is the common case in India.

SDE: What does the title mean to you?

The crown is not just a prize to me, but a responsibility. I remind myself that people see Kenya and India through me. The title shows Kenya as a country is taking steps towards accepting a more diverse population. I am a role model, an inspiration and hope for others. I am the voice of Kenya, India and the world.

SDE: You are lady of many faces?

Yes, apart from running my own company. I am a student representative in my university, a delegate at the United Nations representing three countries and an ambassador overseeing delegates besides fighting for animal rights in particular leading the campaign against elephant poachers.

SDE: What are your future plans?

I aspire to be a role model to the world by lending a helping the needy where necessary. I strongly believe that I can do more be by giving back to the community.

SDE: Tell us about your family background?

I am an ordinary Kenyan who has seen it all but managed to remain strong. Perhaps that is why I do not value material things. I am very lucky to be on the more privileged side right now but that was not always the case. My family has worked hard tirelessly and we have learnt that nothing matters more than love. From my lovely mother, Pritee, to adorable sister, Hemanshi and a dotting brother, Darpan.

SDE: Your advice to the young people out there?

Never let yourself be carried away by whatever title you hold or your position in life. Instead learn to inspire people through your works and deeds. As for me I am still the girl with “innocent eyes and the biggest heart in the world who has just begun her long journey in  a bid to accomplish her heart yearnings.