#WCW: Kush Tracey - On independence and never dating Timmy T'Dat again

Kush Tracey is one of Kenya's most prolific female rappers and she has been in the spotlight for not so starry reasons. The Huwezi Nidandia star recenlty walked away from her relationship with fellow rapper Timmy over an alleged physical attack at a popular nightclub. She talks to Caroline Nyanga about moving on and working on new projects. 

SDE: What inspired your latest project Playboy?

I am basically expressing my heart desires about the kind of man I would love to spend the rest of my life with. I strongly believe that upon its release within the course of the week it will turn out huge.

SDE: Does this have anything to do with your recent break-up with Timmy Datt owing to the fact that you released the song two days after his Haitosi, which has since drawn speculations as to whether he out to get back at you?

Not really. I believe I tell it as it is and nothing more. However this does not mean that it may not draw mixed reactions once the video is out.

Meanwhile, Haitosi was written way back when we were still an item and we agreed that we would work on it together – but for some reason Timmy decided to break the rule.

SDE: What is your take on his latest song?

It’s good work and I am happy for him. I wish him well knowing that he is a talented musician. I am one person who does believe in harboring negative feelings within me.

What are you up to at the moment?

I am in the process of shooting the video of my latest song. That aside, I am busy working on a number of projects that I strongly believe will elevate my musical career to a higher level. I bear ambition as my middle name and I intend to succeed where my predecessors failed.

SDE: How have you been coping after your breakup?

I am doing great and happy at the same time despite the shenanigans I recently underwent at the hands of my seemingly overprotective and jealous ex-boyfriend.  

What are you saying?

That I refuse to let any man control all my movements and dictating how I should live my life. I thank God that it is in the past now.

Does this mean you would never date him again?

Never!  I am one person who does not believe in making the same mistake twice- as in two wrongs don’t make a right. But despite everything the least I can do is work with him musically speaking – as fellow musician and friend. 

SDE: Earlier on Timmy accused you of cheating on him with a politician whose intimate pictures he claimed you went ahead to delete a day after your breakup?  What is your take?

(laughs then pauses) That was just a way for him to justify his despicable actions besides riding on negative publicity.

Like I said his tactic to tarnish my name through bad press besides diminishing me as a brand has failed.

SDE: What of rumors that you were actually having strings of relationships with various celebrities while the two of you were still together?  

Their rumors mean nothing to me. Backbiters will always remain in their position as I am happy to be in front of them.

SDE: You sound bitter?

This has nothing to do with me being bitter, rather I am just speaking my mind by calling a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

SDE: What are your future plans as far as music goes?

I want to inspire upcoming young rappers through my music by making them realize that nothing is impossible in achieving their goals in life as long as they are determined to do so.

I am that living example who made it despite the many life obstacles that stood my way. All they need to do is focus on their goal, go for it, work hard at it through patience and perseverance besides never giving up and they will be able to achieve their dreams.

SDE:  In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first begun?

I have improved all around as far as my music and myself as a person goes. When I first begun I just wanted to make music, but I didn’t know much about anything so I made what I heard other rappers making. I couldn’t really be myself because I didn’t know who I was.

Now, I know a lot more and I am more confident in my ability to not only write and record my music.

SDE: Last word?

I am an independent woman who has worked extremely hard to be where I am today and neither have I ridden on anyone’s fame nor depended on anyone’s money to sustain myself