12 things you did not know about 'Hallo Hallo' rap duo Wakimbizi


A lot has been written about Wakimbizi rap duo. However, the group which has been in the business for nearly thirteen years down have this to say about themselves.

They started out as members of a church choir in Uganda

They started out as former church choir members in Mbale town, Uganda for nearly a decade before relocating to Kenya.

The two brothers had their own rap groups

At the initial stages of their music career Filter had his own rap group with Mr Fix while his brother Mariko Mariko sang alongside Maliyamungu and were known as Fresh MC’s.

“Although the two groups staged separate shows, they were part and parcel of Wakimbizi Camp, initiated by Mariko,” says Filter.

Their Mimi Yow was among the top three at Capital FM

Prior to this their song Mimi Yow  recorded in 2000 though not so popular ended up in the top three at Capital FM’s Nine at Nine music show, then hosted by Jimmy Gathu.

They reside at Mountain View

The duo currently reside at Mountain view estate, Nairobi.

Mariko is married while Filter is single and still searching

Although Mariko quit the bachelors club some years back, his brother Filter says he is not ready to settle down yet. “I am single and ready to mingle as I look forward to finding my future wife,” he says.

They have three albums under their cap

“We have never quit music. Besides music has been a big part of us ever since we were kids. Contrary to the belief that we quit music, we strongly believe that it is a long process which requires proper research, adequate time in order to come up with something of quality that will be appreciated by many,” says Mariko.

Andre quit music and decided to relocate to Mombasa

Former member of Wakimbizi Andre- decided to relocate to Mombasa where he is currently venturing into business after a dwindled misfortune of his music career.

They love ugali and fish

Their favourite meal is ugali and fish while they adore the Tom and Jerry cartoon. “This is one meal we adore at any given moment. For us junk food is not a priority since we believe in eating healthy,” says the Usife Moyo Makanga and Jogoo remix.

They are half Kenyan and Ugandan

Our mother is Kenyan

—Luhya to be more specific while our father who passed on while we were young was Ugandan.

They adore Sauti Sol

According to the duo Sauti Sol is one group that has managed to bring a new style of music to the local music industry that has and continues to be well appreciated.

“Owing to their music which is unique and different from the rest it is destined to last because you can feel the passion in every song composition,” says Filter.

The group was formed in the mid 90’s

Wakimbizi was formed in the mid 90s by brothers Morris and Henry Masheti using the stage names: Mariko and Mr. Filter, respectively.

They worked as a Milk vendor and waiter

Mariko was a milk vendor for Brookside Company, while Filter worked as a waiter in Dana Pani Restaurant, Parklands.

"We didn’t mind the jobs because we learnt a lot of things from them," say the duo adding that nevertheless they yearned for the day when they would be able to accomplish their dreams of making it big in music.