I owe my success to my fans- Mr. World Kenya Kevin Owiti speaks about his journey

Kevin Owiti

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Thanks to an amazing personality,well sculptured physique and other aspects that saw him crowned Mr. Kenya 2016, Kevin Owiti from Siaya County had never thought that his modelling career would come this far.

Here he was with corporate brands flaunting his face on billboards and titles like Mr. CUEA -2015, Mr. Siaya County and Mr. World Kenya -2016 to his name. Was it all glitz and glamour for him? Well, he took time to reminisce upon all that had happened to him overtime and here is what he had to say

“I mean, it hasn't been all that rosy and easy for me but through the obstacles, I've encountered and hardships, I’ve experienced in life, I’d confidently say that it has sharpened me to the man I Am today. A role model to some and a better person than I was way back then... Not perfect yet.”

At the same time he thanked all those that had taken part towards voting for him through the different competition levels and while some found it tiring, he was thankful to those who stuck by him up till he won the Mr. Kenya competition.

“Since the day I stepped into the "scene" and started doing my thing, I've irritated some by constantly pushing them to like and share my stuff over and over again… Some with time fell off but the real ones persevered and held me down till the very end. This is basically just to say a big thank you,” he said.