#MCM: Meet Mr Vee, the gifted song writer behind hit song 'Mwema'

Venanzio Githae aka Mr Vee    Photo:Courtesy

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

“Na siwezi jizuia…kusema wako wema…sio kama najigamba…umenitenda mema.” Mercy Masika sang in her song ‘Mwema’ that rose to become a favorite of many Kenyans. And with audiences mastering the lyrics to her songs, it was impressive to learn that they had been written by Mr. Vee, a fellow gospel musician and songwriter.

“Sometimes I can’t explain how I am able to come up with the right words for certain songs. But I can feel a song’s lyrics coming to life whenever I take time to write. It a God given gift and I keep tapping into it every day.” Mr Vee responded when asked how he comes up with the lyrics.

Born in Nairobi Kenya, Venanzio Githae a.k.a Mr Vee attended Shauri Moyo High school where his love for music was first realized. Knowing that there was potential in his art and having seen older friends make it big in the gospel industry, Mr Vee resolved to juggle his school work and music.

“I would go for and perform at concerts while I was still in high school, so the moment I finished my education, I dived into music head first.” He said.

His entry into music saw him release a song dubbed “Mwachie”, but while it did not make it big in the gospel charts it led him to work with Gospel fathers, the best group back then on the song “Fundi wa Mbao”.

From then, his star shone bright as he went ahead to release “Busy” coupled up with several hits like “Just a way” alongside Kaberere and “VIP”. All this time he was setting base for his musical writing career, then something happened

“I was on top of my game, but I decided to take a break from music so I could re-strategize.  That decision claimed the brand I already established.” Mr. Vee mentioned.

Rather unsure of his future in music, Mr. Vee dived back into the music industry, ready to be a song writer.

“I realized that I had a gift, and many musicians needed my input and talent. It was for this reason that I started with song writing for top gospel artistes” He said.

So far, Mr Vee has worked with established artistes like Daddy Owen, Mercy Masika, Janet Atieno, while still helping upcoming artistes to craft the best lyrics for their debuts.

While many would think that song writing should come natural to musicians, Mr Vee clarifies that one can feel the difference between a well written songs versus those rashly written ones. Still, not many artistes have the resources to get a song writer so we asked how much he charges for the song writing art.

“Most times it is contractual, between me and the artiste. Of course, the price cannot be constant across the board because different artistes need different services, but the charges range from Kshs. 50 000 upwards”  Mr. Vee said, affirming that there is so much that artistes could learn, and emulate from song writers.