Having problems removing French flag filter? Here is how to remove the filter from your Facebook profile photo

Facebook was flooded with French tricolor flags following the terror attacks on Paris.

The social network encouraged users to customise their profile pictures to "support France and the people of Paris" after the sickening atrocities.

But now users are becoming annoyed because they can't figure out how to remove the red, white and blue "filter".

If you set a time limit when you first applied the filter, the effect will be automatically reversed within a week.

Otherwise, you just need to click on your Facebook profile picture and select the option "update profile photo".

This will allow you to select one of your older images or a new one.

Although the Facebook filter was massively popular, users have said they are irritated because they can't figure out how to remove the tricolor.

As well as mildly annoying some Facebook users, the Facebook filter prompted anger among some people on the leftfield side of the political spectrum.

In a controversial opinion article for The Independent, a journalist called Lulu Nunn said using a French flag filter was "problematic" and showed support for "corporate white supremacy".