Lust for hot nurse lands Casanova in police custody

Lust for hot nurse lands Casanova in police custody

Talk of a Casanova pushing a joke too far! An alleged lecherous 27-year-old Nyeri man is in deep trouble after

—how do we put this?

— his supposed insatiable lust for women got out of hand and landed him in police custody.

The man’s craving for a nurse at a hospital saw him walk into the facility, proclaim his undying love for her in a style so shocking that it brought business to a standstill, prompting his arrest.

It was a tranquil Friday afternoon when the tipsy man, completely infatuated with one of the female medics, strolled into the hospital with a bouquet of flowers in hand, demanding to know the nurse’s whereabouts.

When he spotted the object of his desire, he went up to her and began telling her how madly in love he was with her killer curves and beauty, shouting about how she always made his heart skip a beat.

But the embarrassed and shocked nurse told him off and run away shouting for help. The man proceeded to make a nuisance of himself, shocking and tickling patients and staff at the medical centre in equal measure. Police officers were called in and arrested him.

“Utuikite thenge wagithagie airitu eene thayu? Na ndungiconoka, mucenji uyu! Thii ukarie ngima jela (So women will have no peace because you have chosen to behave like a he-goat? Shame on you! Undercooked ugali awaits you in prison)!” a local man shouted as policemen tossed him into an awaiting van.

Interestingly, this was the third time he was visiting the hospital to gawk at the young woman, believed to possess bewitching beauty. Reportedly, he came to know the lass a while back after she treated him, following an accident he had been involved in.

The man, whose friend reported he ‘likes women’, seems to have been smitten with the nurse from the word go.

“When he was first ambulated to this hospital while in critical condition, the nurse’s stunning beauty almost made him jerk upright and bounce back to good health, at least if his facial expression was anything to go by,” jokes a male medic at the hospital who requested anonymity, seeing as he is not authorised to talk to media.

He adds that whenever the nurse visited the man’s bed, he would start raunchy conversations, and even attempted to naughtily nudge her palm while shaking her hand.

Caveman way

In reaction, he says, she would sharply withdraw her hand, attend to him quickly and leave in a huff. Initially, she dismissed his weird behaviour as one of the little foibles some men have, with the hope that he would change after she expressed disinterest.

Unfortunately for her, she was dead wrong. What she did not know was that her beauty and charm had cast a spell on him. The man made sexual advances to her several times, and when his efforts seemed to bear no fruit he went about it the caveman way.

A few days before he was discharged, he reportedly tried to touch her inappropriately and forcefully hug her before she gently pushed him a way.

And on another occasion, after he had been discharged, he went to the hospital and confronted her, claiming to be crazily in love with her, saying that if she didn’t reciprocate, he would commit suicide.

The man will be arraigned in court and probably charged for being drunk and disorderly, sexually harassing a woman and disturbing peace.