"Mr President, allow me to set fire on all the clinics that procure abortion" Babu Owino requests Uhuru Kenyatta

"Allow me to set ablaze these clinics"

SONU Chair Babu Owino has written to the president asking for permission to burn all the clinics that procure abortions in Nairobi.

“I seek to bring to your attention the growing number of clinics providing abortion services in our beloved city”, he tells the president

So his request is not just for the president to ban this clinics but also to allow him to set ablaze the health centers.

 In a letter dated 2nd June, the University of Nairobi student’s chair presented his grievances to Uhuru Kenyatta citing “dangerous, cantankerous and insanely unacceptable” practice of abortion.

His letter follows an alleged attempted abortion by a student of the Institution who almost lost her life procuring an abortion in an unnamed city clinic

His request sparked mixed reactions as many criticized his approach to solving issues with extreme actions

Babu Owino has led the University of Nairobi’s student’s body for a record three times earning him the tag, career student.

Few weeks ago, the vocal student leader told The Nairobian Newspaper that he would be the president in 2017