Chinese school builds track on top of roof

Chinese track

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, sages said. This is a saying that a Chinese school understands too well that it has built a pitch on a roof.

The elementary school that has little land in Zhejiang Province built a 200-metre running track on its roof where the children play.

“There wasn’t any construction land available on campus, so they figured track on roof is better than no track at all,” reports Oddity Central.

Chief Architect Ruan Hao was quoted on the website, “Under the circumstances that limited land cannot provide enough space for students to exercise in, we chose to challenge the concept that playgrounds and tracks have to be on the ground.”

The unique design has won the school recognition and several awards, including at the recent 14th Venice Architectural Exhibition.

With most academies in Nairobi operating from storey buildings in congested estates, this would a perfect model to borrow if we are to keep our children physically fit.