Man caned, chased out of in-laws’ home with kicks, blows over wife battery

man canned

A man in the habit of mistreating and battering his wife had to bolt at maximum speed out of his father-in-law’s homestead to save his life last week, following a botched reconciliation meeting that saw the old man unleash terror upon him.

Simon Mwaura, a watchman who had developed a habit of ‘disciplining’ his wife by whipping her, whenever she messed around landed himself in trouble after his wife reported him to her father. A couple of weeks ago, Mwaura had had a tiff with his wife, Mary Wachira after she delayed to serve him breakfast.

An enraged Mwaura proceeded to slap and cane her using a flexible rubber whip Kikuyus call nyahunyo, allegedly to teach her a lesson

— to be prompt with serving him breakfast!

Wachira, who had had enough fights over trivialities, ran back to her parent’s home in Kamakwa village, Nyeri County to report him.

Interesting, in her bag, she carried the nyahunyo as evidence for her battery. Upon her arrival at Kamakwa she was received by her parents to whom she explained her ordeal and even produced the evidence.

“This is the whip that Baba Wairimu (her husband) has been using to beat me whenever we disagree,” said the 25-year-old woman. Her father took the whip as he disapprovingly nodded his head before heading to his bedroom and keeping it in safe custody.

Charm offensive

Three days later, Mwaura called up his father-in-law, requesting an audience to explain himself and apologise for his unbecoming behaviour.

His request was granted and he arrived in the company of three of his friends. On arrival, they were served a meal after which reconciliation discussions began in earnest. Wachira explained how she had suffered severally at the hands of her husband.

“My husband has greatly changed as he has been subjecting me to physical abuse quite often when we differ, and I am unable to tolerate the torture anymore,” she complained.

Shortly after she finished explaining her tribulation, Mwaura in a charm offensive of sorts, went onto his kneels, begging for forgiveness. He pleaded with them to be given a second chance, promising to change his behaviour and shun violence.

Scampered for safety

Soon after he knelt, Njuguna (his father-in-law) calmly swaggered to his bedroom and returned with the rubber whip, which his daughter claimed her husband had been using to ‘discipline’ her.

“See this thing? This is what you have been using to beat up my daughter? When you took this girl from here, was there any agreement that you will be ‘disciplining’ her?” the angry old man asked, rather rhetorically.

When Mwaura could not give any reasonable answer as to why he took it upon himself to ‘discipline’ his his wife, her father began getting impatient with him.

“My daughter will not come back to your home as you have caused her injury and you must be disciplined if in future you want to marry,” said Wachira’s father.

Just as Mwaura was biting his tongue and fumbling to explain, perhaps to jolt him into speaking up, Wachira’s father descended on him, whacking him severally on the back in quick succession. Mwaura could not take it anymore, seeing as kicks and blows began landing on him, he scampered for safety.

The old man chased after him as he ran away until he disappeared in the nearby Kamakwa market.
Mwaura’s marriage to Wachira now hangs in the balance as the families are yet to reconcile after the botched apology meeting.