Son clobbers naked father for trying to curse family over land

Father son saga

Learning at a primary school in Mumias, Kakamega County was disrupted recently after teachers and pupils rushed to a neighbouring home to witness a bizarre incident.

Apparently, a polygamist had decided to treat his wives and children to free-for-all drama by whipping out his manhood and running around in frenzy, threatening to curse them after one of his sons sold part of the family land, and attempted to shortchange him.

The off the wall incident began when the elderly man only known as Pamba, subdivided his ancestral land among his ten sons.

 Tatas, one of his sons, whose land shared a boundary with the school sold it to the learning institution. When pay day came, CDF officials summoned the family members to the school, seeing as Tatas didn’t have a tittle deed.

The old man assembled his two wives and children and went to the school’s office to collect the money with the intention of sharing it among them. Never mind the old man was not the owner of the land anymore.

He however, led his family to collect the money on the assumption that technically, he still owned the land.

But Tatas, as the new owner of the land, convinced his father and the rest of the family to go back home and allow him to collect the money because he had all along been dealing with the school in the matter. He promised the family that he would later share the money with them.

The old man went home smiling and praising his ancestors for the sudden unexpected ‘windfall’ he was just about to get. His excitement was however short lived because immediately his son got the money, he vanished.

Hell broke loose

The panicked old man began to frantically look for his son who was unreachable on his mobile phone, only to be told a couple of days later that he had been spotted at a nearby market buying iron sheets perhaps with intentions of building himself a house.

Upon receiving the shocking news, hell broke loose with Mzee Pamba wailing as he rushed to his second wife’s house where he emerged brandishing a panga, threatening to kill anyone in sight.

“My first wife and her children have impoverished me and now this boy wants me to die of poverty as he sells my land. I will kill myself after killing all of them,” Mzee Pamba ranted.

When the old man realised the antic was not enough, he dropped the panga, unzipped, grabbed his ‘weapon of mass procreation’ and began running around and pointing it at his children and wives in a bid to curse them out of frustration. His children and daughters-in law had to hide their faces as they ran away to avoid being cursed.

“Don’t you know that it is a taboo to show children your nakedness. The land stopped being yours immediately you sub-divided it. After all, you also got it for free from your father,” his first wife yelled at him.

Sugarcane plantation

It took the intervention of his no-nonsense first born son who confronted him, told him off and hit him with a piece of wood for embarrassing his family, causing him to run into a nearby sugarcane plantation.

The old man’s family consulted village elders on the steps to take to avoid the curse. The elders condemned the action and called for a meeting where the man was ordered to avail three cocks and a black sheep to be killed in an exorcising ritual to cleanse the compound and members of his family.

The man’s children, led by one son who is a teacher at a nearby school have vowed to buy land far away from their home and relocate.

“We are not sure what our father will do next. He has really embarrassed us. We will leave him his shamba and home,” said the agitated teacher.