Kenyans respond to Jicho Pevu and Inside Story's expose on Prophet Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari

When the shocking expose on fake prophets by Jicho Pevu and Inside Story aired on KTN, there was massive uproar.

Many Kenyans couldn't understand why the prophet being focused on, prophet Kanyari, could take advantage of his flock emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

In a Facebook account believed to belong to the embattled prophet, the 'man of the cloth' took to the platform in a bid to defend himself with this statement:

“Why are people believing so much in Mohamed Ali and not prophet Kanyari? This Mohamed Ali is the same person who said Alias Makaburi was a good person, Rogo was a good person, and He also said that jubilee didn't win the election. Now it is Prophet Kanyari,He has never aired anything positive, so it means when you sack your worker, he reports you to Jicho pevu, instead of reporting you to the police station....... Mohamed Ali is against the church, how do you see?”

People have taken it to social media to condemn this man while others ridiculing his devious ways:

@BettyKyalo: So disgusted by this conman! I'm sure many of his congregants will be in church on Sunday.

@BoniMtetezi: But next Sunday people will still flock to his church even after all this! @MohaJichoPevu @KTNKenya #JichoPevu. We never learn!

@MKapombe: It’s strange how Kenyans can be gullible #jichopevu #makriyainjili

@DjSoxxyo: Watching #JichoPevu   tonight really breaks my heart. Where did the fear of God go to?

@KiptuiMay: Using the Lord's name in vain. God have mercy #JichoPevu #InsideStory #PrayerPredators

@xtiandela: Loool...ati Kanyari's 11th Hour has reached...hahaha...aki Betty Bayo...divorce this guy if you haven't #JichoPevu

@DJSADIC: #NP Stealing in the name of the Lord - Max Romeo #jichopevu

@ni_josh: #jichopevu I did chemistry in high school and passed, I never knew about potassium pamangamate.

@Caroletyang: Always wanted to know the truth behind the "miracles" but this revelation is too shocking! #jichopevu #prayer predators @KTNKenya

@Ricky_OJ: This #jichopevu pastor is so good at Chemistry...I wish he was my tutor...I forgot about Potassium Pamanganate!

@kuriawinnie: counterfeits don't stop at too and church ones for that matter! #jichopevu @KTNKenya