Drama as husband finds stranger fondling his wife


Patrons at a bar in Dunga village of Kisumu County were treated to a free-for- all drama, after a husband busted his drunk wife having a gland-to-gland combat with a stranger.   

The woman’s husband, Alfayo, had taken her to the bar to enjoy a drink. After taking one too many, her bladder got full. She excused herself and went to the toilet to relieve herself. While there, it is believed she bumped into the stranger who took advantage of darkness and her drunkenness to seduce her.

Meanwhile, her husband began getting impatient, seeing as she had taken slightly longer. He stepped out of the bar, and went to the loos to look for her.

Lo and behold, he found his wife – pinned against the wall – not only being fondled but also engrossed in an act of the rod in a dimly light corridor that leads to the washrooms!

Alfayo immediately sobered up, and sent out a deafening wail that promptly disbanded the amorous congress, prompting the stranger to bolt away.

 “Imagine I bring my wife to the bar to have a good time, and this is how she returns the favour? I am going to teach you a lesson today and you will never do this again,” Alfayo yelled at her.

Useless man

Drunks, who had staggered out of the bar to check out what was happening, dismissed Alfayo immediately he explained what had transpired. Some taunted him, calling him a useless man. “For a stranger to do such a thing to your wife in a bar you must be very useless. Now that you have been absconding your duty, why cry foul after a stranger did the needful?” a drunken patron was heard scoffing at him.

The taunts saw the woman gain courage and turn the heat on her husband, calling him names. She went on about how her husband is ‘useless’ between the sheets. 

 “All you know is to take beer, and when you come home you sleep like a baby. I need a child but for the last six months you haven’t ‘touched me’,” the woman scandalised his husband, as she staggered away in a self-righteous rage.

Alfayo reacted to the allegations by hurriedly staggering after her, and slapped her severally. Unfortunately, she never relented in her accusations. She went on to disgrace him, accusing him of inability to sire children.

Realising that after over half an hour, no one was defending him, Alfayo threw in the towel and went back into the bar as his wife staggered away.

In an interesting turn of events, Alfayo began pointing an accusing finger at a man in the bar called Awilo, accusing him of being one of the men who sleep with other men’s wives.

Awilo, a popular boda boda rider and whose prowess in dancing to Lingala and Ohangla music has endeared him to the locals, denied the accusation.

He was supported by many of those present who told off Alfayo, and began making fun of his wife, calling her loose.

Scandalised, Alfayo left the bar a dejected man, promising to one day curse men who are in the habit of messing around with his wife.