Undisputed Queen of Taarab Bi-Kidude Has Passed Away


The undisputed queen of Taarab and Unyago,  Fatuma Binti Baraka commonly known as Bi Kidude has passed on. Social media was awash with reactions as many learnt about the death of Bi Kidude, some varying from disbelief to appreciation for her contribution to the music industry.

With her exact year of birth not known, some have pegged her age to be well over the 100 mark.

She is remembered for her part in the Unyago culture, where she made music specifically for the unyago rituals. Unyago refers to the rituals practiced to celebrate the maturity of girls and during weddings.

The Zanzibari singer whose smooth and sultry voice set her apart from the rest was awarded the prestigious WOMEX award for her incredible contribution to the music and culture in Zanzibar.

You can listen to some of her timeless classics here.

She has lived life to her fullest and left her mark on the world. She will be missed.

Rest In Peace Bi Kidude