Rapper Juliani set to drop third album


By Njambi Mungai (@njambie)

Award winning rapper, Juliani, will be releasing his 3rd album on April 22nd 2014. This is an album that many fans should be anticipating especially since they just couldnt get enough of his previous albums, Mtaa Mentality and Pulpit Kwa Mtaa.

He promises that this album will definitely be more Kenyan, though we cannot imagine how much more Kenyan his conscious lyrics can get.

Juliani revealed this during a Str8up interview with Ian Mugoya, where he was explaining the Mtaa Challenge initiative that he is currently involved in.

The Mtaa Challenge aims to eradicate poverty and unemployment in Nairobi youth. This it plans to achieve by challenging the youth to come up with business ventures that can earn them money. These ventures will then receive 100K seed money to help push them along. Visit their site to see when they will be coming to your hood.

This is not the first community based initiative that Juliani is being a part of. He is also part of the ONE campaign as the Agriculture ambassador for his successful work in sensitizing the youth on the advantages of farming.

We can only wait to see what this lyrical master has in store for his fans.