Top female comedian, Teacher Wanjiku, set to launch her own show

Teacher Wanjiku
                               Teacher Wanjiku             Photo: Courtesy

By Rachael Odhiambo (@RachaelOdhiambo)

Rumours have been going round of Teacher Wanjiku’s ‘beef’ with her former employee, The Laugh Industry, which even led to her departure from the ‘Churchill Show’. Same rumours alleged that she would be starting her own show in a different TV station.

As it is always, there is never a smoke without fire. The truth is out and yes, Caroline Wanjiku Tharau aka Teacher Wanjiku, will have her own show that will be airing on Citizen TV. The show, which already has a preview, will be in an actual classroom setting with students and the producer is none other than her boyfriend, Ber.

Alleged rumours have it that the top female comedian in Kenya had a fallout with her former employees after they wanted 55% of the money that she made on her deal with Airtel.  

Both parties came out to clarify the air and said that there was no 'beef' between them. Teacher Wanjiku even went ahead to say that Churchill and her were good friends. Churchill on the other hand said that he was happy for her and wished her nothing but success.

In as much as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some Kenyans feel that the comedian is making a wrong move and have gone ahead to say that they hope her show does not become a flop like Eric Omondi’s.

As she choses to go through the journey solo, we can only wish her the best.