Man kills wife after she sold his chicken to buy food

old man kills wife for selling chicken

A 70-years-old man in Kakamega County allegedly killed his staving 60-years-old wife early this month after she sold his prized chicken to buy food.

 Josephine referred to as Josi by her village-mates in Matungu area, had gone for three days without a proper meal. She decided to sell one of her husband’s chickens to buy food.

She bought fish and flour and went home to prepare a meal. But her husband, commonly referred to as Onding’o by his peers, came back in the evening from idling at a nearby market and noticed one of his hens missing.

She asked his wife, who was in the kitchen cooking, if she had any information about the whereabouts of the hen. His wife feigned innocence. Onding’o then went to one of his son’s houses—situated in his compound—to ask if they had seen the hen.

“I saw my mother (in-law) carrying the hen to the market. She said she wanted to sell it to buy food because she was hungry and had not had a proper meal in three days,” his daughter-in-law told him.

Hell broke loose as Onding’o rushed to his house and attacked his wife using a piece of wood. Alpha Ngome, a neighbour, said he heard Josi scream before a loud silence followed.

“Before I got to the home, I heard the daughter-in-law wailing. And when I got there, I found Josi dead and her shocked husband standing by her,” Ngome said.

Neighbours rushed to the scene and discovered that Oding’o had clobbered his wife around the head using a piece of firewood.

He attempted to apologise and explain himself claiming he always beats his wife whenever she does something wrong. But this time around, he regretted, it was unfortunate it turned out tragic.

The charged villagers could hear none of it and threatened to lynch him, but he slithered and took off and disappeared in the banana plantations without a trace, thanks to darkness.

Area assistant chief Hassan Shiundu Mulama ordered the body to be taken to the mortuary and launched a manhunt for the man. The following day the man surrendered himself to police, reported the murder and record a statement. In his statement, he told police his wife was suffering from epilepsy and the disease was the cause of her death. However, those who knew the woman denied that she ever suffered from the ailment.

“This man belongs to jail. He cannot just kill his wife whom he has not been providing basic needs such as food and go scot-free,” said an angry neighbour.

The body stayed in the mortuary for a fortnight before burial. A post-mortem report indicated that the woman died after she was repeatedly hit by a blunt object on the head.

Elders have called for a cleansing ceremony to rid the family of any spirits that might haunt the family.

“This is a very tragic incident and such a death can leave family members haunted. If they are not cleansed, they will not live in peace in this home,” said an old man from the dead woman’s home.