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Sheila Mwanyiga’s semi-nude vaseline billboard!

By | Thursday, Sep 19th 2013 at 11:27


Sheila Mwanyiga
                               Vaseline Billboard    Photo: Courtesy

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Sheila Mwanyiga is without a doubt an influential media personality thanks to her prime media roles such as - Radio-presenting and television hosting - but it must be her captivating beauty that landed her a role as the Kenyan Vaseline role ambassador.

As the Vaseline Lotion brand ambassador she is without a doubt expected to promote the brand in the most memorable and captivating way possible, a challenge that she seems to have gracefully taken by the horns, if her recent Vaseline advertisement billboards along the Nairobi high-ways are anything to go by.

Apart from her showcasing her flawlessly African skin all up on the bill-boards, one cannot help but notice that she is almost nude.

Perhaps the nudity implored on those billboards is in a bid to show how Vaseline is bound to transform one’s physique.

The billboards have been a talking subject for many people, and here is what people on social media had to say.


Sheila Mwanyiga reaction

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