Miss Karun Performs for Uhuru Kenyatta

By Njambi Mungai

By now we all know that our current president, Uhuru Kenyatta, supports local talent, physically and financially. So when we heard that the top man himself had attended Miss Karun’s (pronounced as Karen..) Exclusive Listening party for her upcoming solo album, we were not surprised.

More so because it was Karun, this former Camp Mulla lead singer can sing! At 19 years old, this girl has risen above the 'auto tuned, shake your behind while spewing crap' madness. She has grown into a singer who understands her vocal capabilities and is surrounded by mentors who actually understand what music is about.

If you ever doubted her vocal prowess, here is a video for your review.


Her upcoming self-titled album will drop on August 16th  and hopefully this is a chance for the young generation to enjoy a better range of music that will save their little backs from ‘bend over’ related musical experiences.

See the photos of the exclusive listening party.

Karun and Uhuru

Karun and Uhuru

Karun and Uhuru

Karun and Uhuru


Photos: Karun/Facebook