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Are City's prophets taking their congregation for a ride?

By David Odongo | Friday, Nov 1st 2013 at 07:40
              Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor

A President from an East African nation will soon be kidnapped by terrorists, renowned Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua has prophesied.

The televangelist also said he saw a vision of people having a good time in a nightclub before it was blown up.

His prophecy has got many Kenyans worried even though the pastor clarified that Kenya was not the East African country he is prophesying about.

TB Joshua, whose net worth the BBC puts at between Sh850 million and Sh1.27 billion, is said to have given several prophecies in Nigeria, most of which have come true.

But Kenya is no stranger to prophecies. And one man who has stood out in Kenya when it comes to prophecies is Dr David Owuor.

Since 2005, he has been prophesying about the doom that would befall the country unless the nation heeds his call for a national repentance.

Prior to the 2007/2008 post-election violence, he constantly talked about seeing blood flowing in the country because people had refused to repent.

And when the violence happened, he said it was because God was angry at the rot in the society in general and in the Church in particular. He also claims to have prophesied about the recent Westgate terror attack.

On September 30, Prophet Owuor released a video detailing his one-year-long prophecy of the terror attack.

The video shows that on July 9, 2012, the prophet, while speaking in Austria, warned that a dark day was coming for Kenya. He then repeated the same prophecy while in Dublin, Ireland’s capital, on November 25.

He talked of several explosions, Arabic-speaking terrorists, and armored army vehicles, much like what happened at Westgate in September.

Dr Owuor’s other fulfilled prophecies include the Oslo terrorist attack in Norway; Israeli Embassy attack in Cairo; Australian Floods and Cyclone Yasi on East Coast and Malawi earthquake.

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