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SemenSpy: Kit for catching a cheating spouse comes to the bedroom

By Hudson Gumbihi | Wednesday, Dec 14th 2016 at 10:42
The SemenSpy kit comes with an instructional manual, making detective work easier for suspicious spouses who only need to collect samples from the culprit’s underwear

The days of cheaters, rapists and deadbeat fathers are numbered, thanks to SemenSpy, a forensic testing kit capable of detecting the slightest of traces of seminal fluid left behind on items like underwear, bedsheets, clothing, car upholstery and other surfaces.

The SemenSpy kit comes with an instructional manual, making detective work easier for suspicious spouses who only need to collect samples from a culprit’s ngotha. Like home pregnancy tests, the results of SemenSpy are instant.

SemenSpy can reveal whether a partner is having an affair, according to Mary Wachira of DIY Solutions, the local franchise of a US security firm behind the technology.

Wachira reveals that she has received positive responses from women eager to find out whether their husbands and boyfriends are cheating on them. But still, it is not easy to nail a philandering partner – lots of spying, consistency and patience is needed.

Because semen stain in underwear or any other surface is not proof enough that a jamaa is unfaithful, the question is, how you prove the semen belongs to the man? Besides, some ‘release’ without necessarily engaging in sex.

Not expensive

Wachira advises abstinence from sex for a certain period for semen sample collection. “Do not collect only once, but maybe three times and from different items. It is not really possible that a man can frequently release semen or sperms without having sex, those should be isolated cases,” she states in defence of the kits.

Another use is in doubtful paternity.

“There are so many men, women and kids out there who need to know their true biological relationships. We offer inexpensive and fast solutions through our DNA kits,” adds Wachira.

The home DNA kit comes with an instructional brochure, sterile swabs, tamper seals, swab envelopes and a paid postage return mailer.

The kits come in two categories; SemenSPY Original and SemenSPY Deluxe.

Deluxe goes for Sh6,000 while original costs Sh5,200 as it has less content and is mainly used in testing specific areas, especially where infidelity is concerned.

 The deluxe kit contains a micro tube holder, pair of gloves, sealed PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) cartridges and pipettes, UV semen detection light, alcohol wipe, transfer pipettes, clear micro tubes, disposal scalpel, cutting mat, aqua coloured micro tubes with solution and sterile sealed swaps.

Teen sex

SemenSPY can also help parents and guardians monitor whether their children are molested sexually or are engaging in sex.

On December 16, 2014, a Birmingham Crown Court found a British man guilty of eight counts of indecent sexual assault on five Kenyan boys. One of them was allegedly issued with death threats to scare him from reporting the assault.

Police believe there could be more cases of abuse by Simon Harris, 55, who formerly worked as a teacher in a British private school before migrating to Africa and eventually setting up a charity in Kenya. More than 40 victims testified against him.

Despite the enactment of Children’s Act 2001, child abuse casers in the country are rampant due to lack of effective enforcement of legislation. Sexual offenders walk Scot free due to lack of sufficient evidence.

SemenSPY Deluxe could help in nabbing rapists during investigations. It is more advanced and contains a UV (ultraviolet) light which offers a discriminating method for locating stains which may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, according to Mary Wachira of DIY Solutions.

The deluxe kit is designed for fast results for investigators to easily and quickly detect traces of seminal fluids in possible sexual assault cases.

Many rape victims in Kenya shy away from reporting their ordeals due to fear of ridicule and stigma.

For those who report, the judicial process is tedious and resource consuming.

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