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Seven weird songs that defined 2016

By Tracy Gesare | Friday, Jan 6th 2017 at 10:07

Watch and learn from those that have gone before you if you already don't have direction. Beefing with everyone who tries to do their thing is draining and a waste of time to your fans.

Hope you are done playing high school, let your fans see what else you got.

Lazalo by Osieko X S.O.C

Where do we start with this? Gospel must be the safest entry into the larger music scene because most of the content that has been released this year has been nothing short of controversial.

Help understand the conception of gospel trap and how it comes to life without forgetting how to differentiate between the secular and gospel versions of it.

Maintenance fee by Kenzo X Cannibal
My eyes roll even at the title of the song. Is this a background track that should be played at the procurement office?

 Let us digress. There are artistes who are talented then there are those that take their fans for a ride and actually get airplay.

The music purely sounds like a conversation, with zero rhyme, flow or organisation. As good as a basic wannabe track. Cannibal should know better than to be dragged into such murk.



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