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Guess what he forgot? Politician exposed after night with mpango wa kando

By Steven Kisuli Muendo | Monday, Dec 19th 2016 at 07:48

A politician had a long weekend with his wife after a hotel he had spent Friday night in with his clandestine lover called his wife to report that he had left some vital documents in his hired hotel room.

The politician, who according to sources had explained to his wife that he had been out of town on a political mission, happened to have written his wife's number on a piece of paper that he left in the room.

In its bid to reach the politician to report that he had left his documents in the hotel, the hotel called the wife's number. She then headed to the hotel to pick the documents and demanded to know with whom her husband had been at the hotel. At the time the husband was getting home, the wife was all red. The rest is history.

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