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10 celebrities who are heavily pregnant and are going to be parents soon

By Esther Muchene | Friday, Jan 8th 2016 at 12:16
Liz Nyaga
Actress Liz Nyaga expecting a baby soon Photo: Courtesy

Lizz Njagah

The heavily expectant actress will be expecting their child together with husband and director Alex Konstantaras anytime soon in what she termed as a pretty easy pregnancy. She broke the news on her Instagram thanking God for their next chapter.

Ivanka Trump

Rising to fame thanks to her father, mogul Donald Trump a 2016 US presidential candidate, together with husband Jared Kushner they will be expecting their third child. Like most celebrities who take to social media to break the news, her husband of nearly six years took the video of the expectant Ivanka 33, beaming holding a number three over her stomach declaring ‘baby number three’.

Anne Hathaway

Expecting her first child with husband Adam Shulman, the Oscar award winning actress showed her baby bump in a red bikini while at the beach posting it on her Instagram account racking up thousands of likes and comments.

Michael Phelps

Better known for moving like a fish in water, the Olympic gold medalist is a happy camper expecting their first child, a bay boy with fiancée Nicole Johnson.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

The gorgeous couple who had been trying to get a baby in what she termed as ‘a while’, broke the news on her Instagram stating they are expecting their first child. The married couple will welcome their first child, a daughter anytime mid this year.

Bar Rafaelli and Adi Ezra

It was all positive news for Israeli born supermodel Bar Rafaelli after she shared a photo of her pregnancy test confirming the good news. Together with her husband they are expecting their first child stating that she couldn’t wait to settle down and have kids.

Chelsea Clinton

Christmas came early for the Clintons after Chelsea broke the news that she would be expecting her second child with husband Marc Mezvinsky on her twitter. She tweeted this along her 15 month old daughter’s photo followed by congratulatory messages from her famous parents.

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