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Nude Photography In Kenya

By | Friday, Jun 21st 2013 at 12:40
Nude Pictures

By Rose Kwamboka 

Ogopa signed singer Moustapha recently got himself in trouble after Pulse exposed photos of him posing with a nude girl.

The controversial photos sparked heat from the girl’s family that demanded a withdrawal of the photos from the Internet besides an explanation by the Kupe singer. They said the girl, a model, was being portrayed as immoral and of sexual indecency.

Leading socialites Hudda Monroe and Vera, had posted their nude photos on the official social pages in previous months provoking emotions of many followers.

Another socialite Ephy, followed the trend and before we knew it, nude art was becoming the in-thing in Nairobi.

Just who is behind this nude photography? Many now wonder, posing questions as to how one strips naked in front of a cameraman to take a shot.

Well, even as nude photography comes of age, the art of taking photos is becoming a lucrative business as celebrities and other players in the glamour world strive for image change.

From weddings, landscapes and indoor photography, top photographers are now in for the big kill. Just who are the top guys in the business?  



Company name: Buo Art.

Specialty: Nude photography.

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