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Legendary Congolese Musician Tabu Ley Rochereau passes on

By Sheila Kimani | Saturday, Nov 30th 2013 at 16:45
                         Legendary Tabu Ley has passed on


By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

At 72 years Old, the legendary Tabu Ley passed on today while in a Belgium Hospital where he was undergoing treatment for a stroke that he had suffered in 2008, but had often been affecting his health.

The performer, whose popular hits like Muzina, Maze and Sorozo rocked millions of fans in Africa, is a celebrated musician, whose songs continue to enjoy airplay years after they were released.

Thanks to his massive contribution to African Music, Tabu Ley was recently in in Kinshasa to accept an award for his contribution to the country's rich heritage and cultural diplomacy and was set to perform at a Gala Night today.

News of his demise has thus left his fans saddened but despite the loss many still have tons of praises for his contribution to the African culture and Music.

Having launched his career in Kinshasa in 1959 both as a composer, singer and dancer, in Joseph Kabasele’s African Jazz, Tabu Ley was one of the few of his generation of musicians, who included Joseph Kabasele, alias Grand Kallé or Nicolas Kasanda, alias Nico.

When asked about his health state in a previous interview, Tabu Ley had said :

“I feel very well as you can notice. As per my doctors, my health conditions are improving every day. The thing is that I have to accept my current condition with good-naturedness. I am 72 years old and find it normal to face some physical weaknesses. I am a Christian and trust in God,” .

At the time of his death,  Tabu Ley composed around 2,000 songs and produced 250 albums.

Listen to one of his popular tunes here:


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