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How a 19 year old from Kitale made over Sh40 Million

By JEVANS NYABIAGE | Tuesday, Nov 12th 2013 at 12:01
Joel Mwale
   Joel Mwale speaks about his business venture   Photo: Youtube


The name Joel Mwale may not be familiar to many people in Kenya, but he has gained quite a fan base internationally.

And not just because he made more than Sh40 million at 19.

Last year, he sold his 60 per cent share in SkyDrop Enterprises — a rainwater harvesting and purification project that he started at 16 — to an Israeli-owned firm for $500,000 (Sh42.5 million).

At 16, Mwale changed the lives of more than 5,000 people in a community in Kitale when he helped them access clean drinking water.

He had contracted dysentery from contaminated water during a particularly dry season in Kitale. And when lying on his hospital bed recovering from the very serious bout of diarrhoea, the health risk in his community sparked an idea.

With savings of about Sh8,000, the knowledge of physics acquired at Friends School Kamusinga and some help from volunteers, Mwale built a borehole on some community farmland.

He installed a pump that would allow extraction of the water, providing clean, drinking water to hundreds of households in his village.

He was forced to drop out of Friends School since his family was unable to pay for his tuition. But this did not dampen his spirits.

He set out to find tuition fees and earn a little extra to support his family.

Coincidently, the idea for SkyDrop came to maturation when Mwale was caught in a rainstorm.

“I remember it was in April during one of the heavy rain seasons in Kitale. I was just walking as the rain poured and happened to spot a closed yoghurt shop. Next to it was a water tank that was storing the rainwater from the gutters of the roof.

“I thought to myself: can’t I trap this rainwater, store it in a reservoir, purify it and then sell it to the public?”

After convincing the owner of the yoghurt shop to lease him the location, Mwale set out to find a purifying machine to filter the rainwater. He soon discovered that this piece of equipment was quite expensive.

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