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#MCM: Multitalented musician Sleek MC speaks about turning down offer to sell off his new song ‘Karekare’

By SDE | Monday, Nov 21st 2016 at 10:58

Maboyz watakucheki  Karekare . You know what I mean?

SDE: Finally, is this your first release since 2014 when you lost your producer?

Not really, I have been working with other producers over the time as well, Majik Mike, Dr Eddy, Chef George, amongst many other producers.

Allow me to mention that when it comes to production, it takes time before you can finally get a producer whom you connect with as both a friend and a business partner. All these guys are dope, but Producer Keygun, at Sonic Sounds Entertainment, I must say this, he found me when I was beginning to feel lost in the industry.

Where you pay for studio time and your work is never recorded, you got amazing ideas but your effort always goes unrecognized, production cost again is expensive you know.

After every two months, a musician must always have a new project. Music is all about creating new content, every day.

Thanks to Keygun my producer, Gabriel Odunga my manager and Manwazimu my creative critic for making Karekare the hit it is today.

Sleek MC, Karekare

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Musician Sleek MC speaks out on his forthcoming video for ‘Karekare’


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