American Airline gets in trouble for 'offensive' World Cup tweet

Ghana’s loss to the USA broke our hearts but we can bet that no corporate regrets that loss more than Delta Airlines. The Airline sent out a tweet to celebrate USA’s win over Ghana.

Delta Tweet

It all seemed innocent until they attached an image to the tweet. The USA was depicted with the Statue of Liberty. That magnificent robbed statue that represents freedom, complete with an inscription of the date of the American Declaration of Independence.

As for Ghana, well the whole country was reduced to a giraffe. The image paying homage to the Black Stars was that of a giraffe in all its height chilling in the savannah and sadly missing its constant companion, an acacia tree.

There was uproar on social media over the tweet which has since been deleted and an apology sent from the airline.

Some have termed the tweet as ignorant, patronizing and just plain smug.

Why a giraffe? There are no giraffes in Ghana but it seems the Delta social media team did not take time to learn what Ghana is all about. Another probability would be the mistake of thinking that Africa is a country and there are giraffes in Africa!

Many have found it incredibly offensive and that of all Ghanaian heritage, the country was reduced to an animal.

Here are some of the responses

Rodger Sherman (@rodger_sherman): You can book flights to Accra, the capital of Ghana, on @delta’s website. Do not take those flights. They will end up in the Serengeti.

Ashley Mayer (@ashleymayer): Delta currently airlifting a giraffe into Ghana.

Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur): I'm guessing that when you book a flight to any of Nigeria or Kenya or the Ivory Coast or Ghana, @Delta tickets just say 'Africa, whatever'

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