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Robert Alai commended internationally for his informative tweets

By | Tuesday, Sep 24th 2013 at 08:41
Robert Alai
                                 Kenyan Blogger Robert Alai                 Photo: Courtesy

Compiled by Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Social media is fast catching up with Kenyans and if Robert Alai’s popularity is anything to go by, the most informative tweeps (people on twitter) are bound to stand out.

Having won the attention of many especially during the #WestgateMall terror attack, Alai has been commended by twitter users, dignitaries, both local and international media for his comprehensively informative tweets on the #Westagate happenings.

Here is what  (an International website article written by Zachary Stieber)  had to say about him.

Kenyan blogger Robert Alai has utilized Twitter and Facebook to, over the course of the Westgate mall attack and subsequent hostage situation, deliver live coverage to over 100,000 people.

Alai has earned praise from both fellow Kenyans and people following the situation abroad for his quick updates, a mixture of information from sources and official accounts.

“On behalf of Kenyans in Australia, thanks mate for keeping us updated,” said Daniel Ngari via Twitter to Alai.

“I followed all social media channels and live streams you were both reliable and timely on your info – thank you – good job man!” said Jude Clark, also via Twitter.

The Westgate attack, begun by a group of al-Shabab militants on September 21 in Nairobi at the upscale Westgate mall, has continued into late Monday evening with hostages still being held inside. At least 68 have been killed in the attack; over 175 others have been injured.

Alai said in an email that he was motivated to cover the situation for several reasons, including that the government wasn’t putting out information in a timely manner.

“I realized that the government was trying to contain and manage news flow without offering credible information about the attack,” he said. “I decided to defy police and government warning on anybody reporting what the police had not confirmed.”

At different points in time, he criticized Kenyan broadcasters and other news agencies, and the government.

In one case on Monday, Alai said that the Interior Ministry was “not helping with wrong info.”

“Building is on fire on LIVE TV while you claim it has been put out,” he tweeted.

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